January 28, 2015

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November 27, 2014

September 19, 2014

Super Star Mahesh's Aagadu Movie First Show will stars by Tomorrow Early Morning, We will start giving the Live Updates of the film Exclusively for the Cinema65.com visitors... Stay Tuned to this Page and Till Then Watch these Live Updates Collected from the Various Twitter Account , Those who are watching the Film in Kuwait...

  • Movie Started...!
  • Atittude + Gratitude = Aagadu anta..
  • Mahesh is an orphan , Rajendraprasad promises him that he will make him police
  • Mahesh's brother gets arrested in a death case
  • Mahesh accepts that murder in his account and goes jail
  • Mahesh entry , CI Dialouge , He studies in Jail and becomes Police
  • Back story Completed, Shankar Encounter shankar entry "ADIRINDI"
  • First Fight Breaks out. Very Funny
  • Bhookampanudu, vidhwamsakudu Song started....
  • Mahesh Keep on Walking in the Song
  • Story Landed in Bukkapattanam
  • Main Villian "Sonu Sood" Entered
  • Movie Runs in a Typical Telugu Formula... Orphan Become Police, Funny Fight, Song And Goes on...
  • Film Going Flat Till now with out any Twists
  • Rao Ramesh enters as IG... Scenes Going on at Police Station
  • Conversation Between and Mahesh and Naaza in Police Station is Hilarious
  • Huge Responce for "soap verse minister " Dialogue, Till now Thamanna not entered
  • Comedy with fish venkat entertaining vaitla mark dialogues
  •  Dialogue : "Nannu meeru Audio funcations lo heros nj pogidinattu pogadakandi"
  • Most of the Film concentrating on Rhyming Dialogues and Comedy, Story Moving Flat
  •  Thamanna Given a Cool Entry as "SAROJA"
  • Vennela Kishore standing Beside Mahesh in Every Scene and Writing the Words of Mahesh in Book "OK SAAR OK ARTHAMAYYINDI"  (Seems like Gabbar Singh Samba Charecter)
  • Movie Didn't Reached the Expectations Till now..
  • Director Too Much Concentrated on Dialogues
  • Saroja Sweets Skit is Hilarious and Good Fun
  • Thaman BGM dominating Dialogues.. Very Loud but still Good
  • Thamanna Asusual Started Overaction...! Mahesh Met Thamanna in a Park
  • First Half is nothing much not more than that also waiting for Second Half.

September 18, 2014

Sonakshi Sinha On Ramp At Bullion And Jewellery Event

Sonakshi Sinha is an Indian actress who predominantly works in Hindi cinema.

Sonakshi Sinha On Ramp At Bullion And Jewellery Event

Sonakshi Sinha On Ramp At Bullion And Jewellery Event

Sonakshi Sinha On Ramp At Bullion And Jewellery Event

Sonakshi Sinha On Ramp At Bullion And Jewellery Event

September 12, 2014

1.who is the co founder of sun microsystems
A.Vinod Khosla

2.who is the creator pentium chip
A.Vinod dahm

3.which coountry more richest man in the world
A.INDIA-aziz premji,mukesh ambani, lakshmi mittal, dilip sanghvi

4.who is the founder and creator of hot mail
A.sabeer bhatia

5.who is the of AT&T bell labs which company is creator of C,C++, unix
A.arun netravali

6.who is GM of HP
A.rajiv Gupta

7.Microsoft rated as legend from INDIA
A.Sanjay Tejwrika

8.who is Chief executives of citibank,Mckensey&Stanchart
A.Victor Menzes,Rajat Gupta and Rana Talwar

3.22 millions of USA are INDIANS
38% of doctors are INDIANS
12% of scientists are INDIANS
36% of NASA staff are INDIANS
44% of NASA scientists are INDIANS
34% of microsoft employees are INDIANS
28% of IBM are INDIANS
17% of INTEL scientist are INDIANS
13% in XEROX and lastly their software is depends on us not we depend on them.

Those who are from India would be surprised to know the facts that I am going to tell you and other who are new here should share this post with other people so that they should be able to know more about India.
When Indian students are in primary schools,they study about Indian history,about India and other useful things.
We get to study that India was the most backward country ever,we were the most poor country from last 4-5 centuries and before,other countries have contributed much to India,if we were not under the control or were ruled by England,India would have reached no where,we would not have got technology,good education,science,airplanes,math,railways etc and other such things.We also discuss these things by our friends and we accept it as correct,these all lessons are given by our teachers.And we are taught in such a way that it comes in our blood,it comes in our mind and affects our thinking forever.Hence we are not able to escape after that.These untruths told by teachers becomes true for us and we believe that they are true and information given by them is also true.

When we ask our teachers why we are taught like this,they say we were also taught like you by our teachers and they were same.But we get hurt when it is told by our prime minister(s) and they say that whatever we have got is because of foreigners who ruled our country, and they proved boon to us.Only two or three were true patriots of our country,one was Lal Bahadur Shastri.When he made Prime Minister for the first time,he took a decision which was gutsy as compared to the other P.M's.He took a decision that there should be no transportation of red colored wheat which are not eaten by animals in America,and it was of poorest brands of no quality.And at that time,production of wheat was lower in India as compared to now a days.He showed his courage and gave a strict lecture in Delhi those days,that we will die but will not consume the red colored wheat which was imported by America. And he also gave a stern reply to politicians when this topic was discussed in Parliament,he said that America and Europe has nothing to give us,which was correct at that time.Second P.M of this kind was Morarji Desai,who was also a true patriot and he believed that we had enough knowledge as compared to other countries but were not able to make an impact with that knowledge.Another P.M of this temperament was Chandrashekhar.He said that we have much more technology and developed in science than European countries,so we don't need to take anything from them.
Now the facts that we have everything and what is our contribution.
With the evolution of computers,world has started to believe to some degree that India has everything but not able to make an impact.
Some scientists have started believing that the world's first language and script(lipi) were given by India. The first language which was contributed was Sanskrit and the script's name is Devanagari.But historians of India are believing that we have contributed a script prior to Devanagari which has become extinct because of our carelessness.That script is Brahmi Script and is the oldest and is believed that it began with the beginning of India.There are less scientist in India who can understand Brahmi script.
-India has taught the world how to write,because the art of writing was not known to anybody in the world except India.You can understand that where you have script then only you can write,apart from reading and speaking which is easier.This knowledge of writing was transferred to China.Historians of China are honest about the fact that centuries ago historians,people,scientists visited India,they studied it and returned to China and invented their own script.
-You may know or not know this,but universities of other countries are spending much amount of money on Sanskrit and their script and other inventions of India(also known as Indology).And Germany is the first country outside India which  opened a university for this and it is the first country that has taken responsibility to spread Indian languages and its importance.
-An ancient,Ayurvedic scholar Charaka who is regarded as Father of Medicine,has a special department on the name of  Charaka by government of Germany which is known as Charakology. Sceintists of Germany are claiming that we want to get knowledge hidden in Sanskrit language so that we can make our country more progressive.
-It has also been said by different researchers of this field that for running computers,this is the best language which can be used to run computers.Because algorithms which require to run computers are best developed in Sanskrit and remember its not in English.Because the grammar in Sanskrit is so complete which was made in 3 B.C and later is also perfect for usage in 21st Century which was given by Scholar(Mehershi) Pananni of India,which has no mistakes as of now even in full stops or commas.
-When French language was made and invented by French scholars they gave a base to their language of Sanskrit.
-German was based on Sanskrit when it was developed by German Scholars.
French,German,Danish and other 56 languages of the world are based on Sanskrit.
-The ability to speak more can be done with the help of Sanskrit only with any other languages of the world which has around 10 Billion words in dictionary( that can be mastered in not less in 3 years).
When India was invaded by foreigners they not only took away money but knowledge hidden in our academia.Have you heard the story of Takshila University,India.When invaders burned the papers in Takshila university they used papers for their personal life, for six months by burning papers and making use of them to heat water.
What else have we given except academia,language,script.
We have given Education System.
-Monitor in classes were first introduced by Indian education system that was contributed and is in every school of the world now.
-Thomas Munroe and Benjamin Franklin have quoted in their books(minutes) that monitorial education system is only followed in India and no other corner of the world and they were insisting the govt of their country that this should be followed in our countries and if you want I can send a explanatory note on this m.e.system which was efficient because a school was maintained with the help of less teachers and with more discipline,later then the same system was followed in Oxford University.
-When the first school was open up in England(London) in 1868, India had 7.32 Million schools and gurukuls already running in our country for years.
Please remember the fact, that before coming to India to rule,they went to 50 countries and said that India was unparallel in comparison to other countries.

India's contribution in Medicine / Surgery field.

Scientist & researchers, globally claim that whatever we have got is because of India and some of them are mentioned below.
-It is said that England first gave the knowledge of Surgery to the world but it is incorrect and false.
-A doctor in England in 17th century whose name was Dr. Holkart(citation needed) came to India and wrote in his diary that he learned surgery in India(Chennai,then Madras) in 1795 and went back to England and founded Fellow of Royal Society(FRS) and reiterated that he learned this surgery from India,but people of England tricked and edited the lines in his diary and wrote I have taught the surgery to European country. Proof- See below
Sushruta Samhita  -during 6th B.C there were ~125 components of surgery which were invented at that time.
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubm...- Shusruta is regarded father of Indian Surgery and Opthalmology.
England uses same kind of technology and components which were used in 6th B.C from the time of Sushruta,and these components were made little changes.
-India is best known to spread the knowledge which denoted the benefits in Palak,turmeric,tulsi,methi,aavla,harad,gud vel,tej patta,elaichi,dal chini,lavang,zeera,aloevera(citation needed-these are hindi words) etc.,all these are medicines in ancient India which are used in kitchens now.
-Nobody in this world knew that if we eat Pomegranate,Carrot our blood supply increases,and this was spread by India and so many other things.
-Nobody in this world knew about Masala(a persian word)- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masala -these were not used as masalas in India but were used as medicines.
-How should we sleep,walk, etc before taking food(dinner,lunch) were spread by India which were given by ancient scholar Banbhatta(Ashtang Hryidayam which was written around 1000 years ago in Sanskrit)-.
-Banbhatta's theories of Ashtang Hridayam were spread by India.He said that while making food, the food should get or be in continuous fresh wind,sun rays so that the food remain intact with nutrients and millions of dollars are being spent on these theories by research scientists(like Sweden,Germany,Holland,Denmark) around the world because this is not possible with Cooker and they have said these theory is true,if the food doesn't get fresh wind and sun rays then people are more susceptible to diseases like arthritis,diabetes and heart attack which is not possible with Pressure cooker which was an invention of some European country.
-Millions of dollars are spent on the theory given by Banbhatta thousand years ago,that what are the benefits when people drink water during early morning.Germany,Japan have special research scientists researching on these theories and they have found out that theories given by him were true.
-Recent surgery in Plastics known as Plastic surgery has been done in India from thousands of years.To give you an example of this surgery let me take you back when Hyder Ali(of southern India) and people of England who ruled India attacked him between 1780-1784.When Hyder Ali was attacked by Colonel Koot in 1780,he cut off his nose and gave a horse to run.Koot reached Belgaum,Karnataka and an ayurvedic doctor/guru saw him with his nose in his hands,Koot lied that it was struck by a stone,the guru replied back and said you are lying so he insisted to tell him the truth,then he told about his story and further he told that it was cut off by Hyder Ali when he was defeated by him.The guru with the help of surgery stitched his nose and he became surprised.3 months later when Koot was making a speech in British Parliament,members of the Parliament did not believed him,but he told members to visit India.Now members visited India to that guru and met him.The guru told him that he is not the only one who can do this but this surgery is done by thousands of gurus in every villages of India.
-When Dr. Oliver came to India in 1710,he stayed in Calcutta(now Kolkata) and wrote a diary of his journey and other things he learned while staying in West Bengal.He wrote that people of India easily diagnosed Small Pox( which was new to him). He mentioned that doctors used vaccinations for pox and treated it easily within 3 days and would never happen to him/her again in their life.When he went to back to London,England he informed about this theory before other doctors,none of them believed them.Doctors again traveled back to India to see this in Kolkata.Hence this theory was given by India.The mistake lies when the registration of this theory was going on,we were ruled by England and somehow we lacked and made a fault and not registered this theory but was registered on the name of Dr. Oliver in London,England.The vaccinations were prevalent in India from around last 1500 years.And remember,this theory was taught to them free of cost.   
-Steel production was done by India.The first steel in the world was given by us.Steel making is a complicated process.Steel production has been going on in India by 300 A.D.(according to research performed in 1795)Steel of India were sold to European countries at premium price because of its quality.Traders of India demanded gold in return of steel,and they were given because of steel's quality.The second most good quality of steel was produced by Sweden but their production costs were 100 times higher than that of India.The most interesting fact of the research was ,the blast surface used to make in India were mobile and movable on bullock carts but the blast furnace of Sweden were immobile and immovable.And Indian's should be proud they were able to produce a temperature of around 1500 degree in those times when electricity was not invented.Unfortunately steel production theory was registered on the name of some other manufacturers of other countries.
-You would be surpised to know who made the first aeroplanes first.Then you would obviously say,"Oh,Wright brothers first made aeroplane in 1903".This fact and invention is incorrect and is a hoax,the first aeroplane was built in India in 1895 by Shivkar Bapuji Talpade. Shivkar Bapuji Talpade
Wright Brothers sat in the aeroplane and drove it to 120 feets high.The aeroplane fell down on South Carlonia Beach,U.S.A,but according to new documents found Shivkar Bapuji is said to first build the prototype in 1895 and flew it on Chowpati beach before thousands of people,the aeroplane went nearly 1500 feet without any driver in the cockpit and landed safely on the beach.In India,there tons of books released by a person named Meherishi Bhardwaj whose focused was based on the topic Aeroplane science and others principles(32 ways to make 500 types of aeroplanes) on making aeroplanes.Talpade became a hero of those times and he said he can make many aeroplanes in different ways but he needed finance and money for making them. But  a company Raley brothers(citation needed) of London,England made him an offer to make aeroplane and money,if he provided them the drawings/design of the plane.The same drawings/models/design reached London and the same things are believed to reach Wright brothers of U.S.A,the rest is history.

-We have learned a lot about Copernicus and Galileo in our school days.But nobody knows about Aryabhatta ( Aryabhata ) who made several inventions and gave theories,principles which were given thousands of years ago when Copernicus and Galileo were not even born.Aryabhatta first proved that Sun doesn't move but Earth moves around it on its path.He then proved how can we calculate the distance between Earth and Moon and Sun!The third principle he proved was - there are so many bright spots in Sun which was patented later by Stephen Hawking which is known has Black Hole theory.
Arybhatta was the first to tell that there are 7 days in a week and scientists of today are not able to prove that there is 8th day,it would not be possible because if there is 8th day then Aryabhatta would have proved earlier.

Moving further to Maths.

-Aryabhatta was the first to invent trigonometry.This trigonometry is the basics of all schools over the world.

-Bhaskaracharya was the first to write a book named Lilavati(his sister's name),and it is said about Lilavati that she was even able to count Tree's leaves.She gave all credits to her father Bhaskaracharya.The world's first book on mathematics Lilavati is followed by all other countries to form basic principles for their maths course in schools.
-Brahamakuka was the first from India to prove how to do addition,subtraction,multiplication and division.He has also given 60-70% theries and principles of Algebra.
-Pythagoras theorem was given by India.15 centuries before Christ(~3500 years ago),it was known as Godhayan theroem.Pythagoras was cunning and published this theory on his name.
-Bionomial theorem was first given in India by Aryabhatta.
-Number system was first invented in India.
-0 was first invented in India.
-Integral Calculus was invented by Madhavacharya and Differential Calculus was first invented by Bhaskaracharya.
-Most inventions in mathematics are by Indians ( second-France).
-Vedic maths was first given by India which when learnt by anyone,can do faster calculations than Calculator.

Moving further.
-King and scientist of 6th B.C ,Harshvardhan was the first to teach the world how to make ice.
-Indians were the first to teach how to make paper.
-Indians first made dry cell(battery) and its process was  given by Augusta.
-Coin(s) were first made in India and were taught to the world.
-Making mercury was first taught to others by Indians.
-Wheel(s) were invented by India.
-Plough used by farmers were first made in India.
-Drill plough was first made in India.
-Hammers were first made in India.
Roots of ALL religions are in India.

July 22, 2014

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